It’s all about story, story, story… ReWriteDr tidbit.


My thoughts on Paranormal 3 –

I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about Paranormal 3 as I had not seen the first two.  Here’s what I think: Paranormal 3 is equivalent to paying money and entering a Fun House where ‘ghosts’ can pop out and scare you.  That’s all.  That’s fun and entertaining but in Paranormal 3 there is no story.   Yes, I experienced sympathy for the little girl who is taunted by the ghosts, but I always feel sorry for little girls when something bad happens to them. The story didn’t convince me to.  I watched the family move about the house doing their chores.  But I didn’t empathize with them.  I’m not bashing  Paranormal 3, audiences love these movies.  It’s an enjoyable scare.  They are what they are.  For some, that’s enough.  However when I sit in the dark, I want to be invested in a good story, feel for the characters, not wait for the next scary face to fill the screen.  Unlike the person next to me who jumped out of his seat sending popcorn flying.  Oh, free popcorn.  I guess there are some benefits.


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